Banciao Fashion班翘时尚一一2020年进入中国市场

2020-06-08 17:22 编辑:lin 来源:it资讯网

  Brand Introduction of Banciao

  Banciao is a newly fashionable brand which is mainly designed by a famous young designer Mike Kamali and it is famous for it’s vogue and affordable. The young generation love it most because of stylish, comfortable and high quality. This distinctive product is pursued by amount of young people in only two years and called “the most fashionable brand in 2019” by consumers from Europe and America.


  Banciao has high brand positioning compared with other brands and chases for high-end fashion in designing, sorting and producting and many other links. The idea of the brand is innovative development, it consists of integrity and guides by the market, develops new style shoes, taking up the peak of the shoes market by it’s unique modern awareness,  advantage of price and fashionable products. The company has already induced advanced production equipment and supporting facilities. Ensuring that Banciao’s high quality in the market by using the best materials and updating technology, build the most fashionable products and push out the serial of Banciao successfully in 2018.


  The design teams of Banciao all come from young generation and it’s classical and individuality design philosophy all original from street culture, thoroughly design on the basis of the street culture and melt plenty of resources of the culture of Europe and America. It’s design has break out formulary design and color matching, makes classic and fashion mix together, then provide more complete color matching to consumers. After the gradually strive of every team, they finally pushed out many patterns of Banciao to the market in 2018, and meanwhile received the chase of young people, fashion insiders and students.


  Banciao mainly popularize the customized service which is personality, it can manufacture unique shoes that consumer looks forward to according to the consumer’s needs. Banciao lets consumers have more choices among the products and makes everyone has shoes which only belong to his or her.

  The team of Banciao is made of a group of energetic, young and fashionable people. Everything from design to market all set on the basis of fast--design fast, manufacture fast, deliver fast, sale fast and get the information even more faster. Banciao use the expense saved by advertising and multilayer agent to manufacture more products with higher quality and lower price.

  The main customers of Banciao are students and young people, mix together the culture of Europe and America as a whole and form the unparalleled style.


  Banciao,是美国一个新兴的年轻时尚品牌,由知名年轻设计师Mike Kamali主导设计,以时尚年轻、价格亲民著称。以其特有的时尚、舒适和高贵的品质,一跃成为青春一族的最爱。这款卓尔不群的新品,在短短两年时间内,就赢得无数年轻人的追捧,被来自欧美的消费者称之为“2019年最Fashion名牌”之一。